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A Marketing and Sales book that has become very popular among the tech Startup founders and local business owners.

A sure bet for beginners with limited marketing and sales experience. It takes a practical approach to product ideation, concept, development, launch, sales and promotions.

It leads you gently up the learning curve at the same time making sure that you focus on the key elements to drive commercial result.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, hence, this book will help you craft and execute a winning Go-to-Market plan that delivers best commercial results.

In this book, I have reviewed the latest Marketing and Sales strategies and methodologies. The book is a beginner guide to Marketing and Sales concepts and strategies with the sole objective of empowering Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses based on superior Marketing strategies. Startup founders new to marketing. Marketing newbies. Entrepreneurs and Sidepreneurs who want to brush up their marketing knowledge. Also experienced marketers who just want to refresh their mind on some basic concepts.


The book is a guide, a thought process. An explanation of the best and most effective marketing and sales concepts; with theory to support my point of view. There is no one-size-fits-all for marketing. It’s just about trying different ideas and actions systematically.  There are no right or wrong answers. Good result is the only best proof effective marketing and sales strategy.

A lot of people have written books and there are many free resources out there online, however, the idea behind this book is to organize the different concepts and strategies and build a thought-process and a reference based on my personal experience of over 15 years working at management level on different marketing and business roles in a multinational company.

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