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Our bestselling Marketing and Sales book that has become very popular among the tech Startup founders and local business owners. A sure bet for beginners with limited marketing and sales experience. It takes a practical approach to product ideation, concept, development, launch, sales and promotions. It leads you gently up the learning curve at the same time making sure that you focus on the key elements to drive commercial result.

You will receive a complimentary copy for any product you sign up for on this platform.

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Hey @Paulito, that’s great, thank you very much for the feedback and the helpful video. That helps and I’m going to make those changes today. I’m happy to hear that the website was clear enough (Iv always suspected it wasn’t). I can’t help but feel the home page needs work still.

Chains (vuepilot.com)

Thanks so very much Paulito for that detailed review and putting it together in a video. When someone outside your industry looks at it a lay user, you start seeing the holes in what you have created.

Collins (bluedigits.in)

Thank you from the team at www.stonehouseport.com

Stonehouse Sports Centre